Vojvodić Ivanović Arhitekti

Bureau VIA – Vojvodić Ivanović Architects, established in 2007 as a result of the merger until then independent professional career of Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić and Goran Vojvodić. The main activity of the Bureau is the architectural design of various types of buildings, reconstruction of existing facilities, interior design etc. Production and creative scope of the bureau is reflected in the large number of executed projects in the field of housing, commercial and industrial buildings. Bureau VIA features contemporary architectural expression, both in the formal and functional terms and in the field of applied materials and technologies and energy efficiency.

In addition to the Founders, the Bureau engaged 6 to 8 Architects, depending on the workload, which, in cooperation with installation designers and professional consultants deliver a complete project documentation and perform technical control and supervision over the construction of the building.

Vojvodić Ivanović Arhitekti

Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić

Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić

Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić was born in 1962 in Prizren, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade in 1987 under the mentorship of Prof. Milana Lojanica. The title of Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhD was obtained under the mentorship of Prof. dr Aleksandre Stupar, “Spaces of universities and scientific complexes in contemporary city transformations” (2016).

From 1984-85. worked in the office of Andrews Kalik Associates, Reading, England; 1987-1991. independent designer at the Traffic Institute CIP, Belgrade; 1991-1994. senior independent designer – Economic Bureau, Belgrade; 1994-96. Farman, Budapest, Hungary; 1996-98 Far&Man, Belgrade; 2003/07 Beogas-Aquaterm. She worked at the Faculty of Design and Arts, Megatrend University (2009-2017) as dean, vice dean and full professor. She was the team leader of the program of the international competition for Block 39 in New Belgrade and the Design Coordinator for the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia, within the company Eptisa, international engineering, architecture and information technology, Spain (2011-2015).

Biro VIA d.o.o. Belgrade is an architectural company that she founded together with Goran Vojvodić in 2007. She has realized over 30 buildings, interiors and plans (some works have been awarded) and has good experience in competitions. She was the president of the Society of Architects of Belgrade (2004-08) and a member of the Court of Honor of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (2005-09).

She is also the co-author and co-founder of the BINA (Belgrade International Week of Architecture) project organized by the Association of Belgrade Architects and the Cultural Center of Belgrade. One of the founders of the NGO Docomomo Serbia and Women Architecture Association. She is a member of the Association of Belgrade Architects (DAB), the Association of Architects of Serbia (UAS), the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (IKS). She is married and has two children.

Goran Vojvodić

Goran Vojvodić

Goran Vojvodić (1959, Belgrade) graduated from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture (1986). Professional engagements in IMS, Energoprojekt, CIP and since 1989 in the architectural bureau of prof. W. J. Krings in FR Germany. He has been working in his own office since 1992, and (in 2007) he founded BIRO.VIA with Jelena Ivanović Vojvodić, PhD. Since 2014, engaged as a professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture.

Professional involvement: Member of the management boards of the Association of Belgrade Architects, the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia, DOCOMOMO Serbia, the Ivanka Terzin Architect Foundation, a member of the Association of Architects of Serbia (UAS), the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (IKS), the Planning Commission for Architectural Design of the City Assembly of Belgrade, as well as the organizational team of the Belgrade international week of architecture (BINA).

Engaged in the design of residential and residential buildings, hotels, business and shopping centers, sports facilities of various purposes, adaptations and reconstructions of buildings, interiors of public and private spaces, etc. He realized a significant number of buildings in the country and abroad.

Participated in over 40 events in the period 1991 – 2023  (International Biennale of Architecture in Venice, XXI World Congress of Architecture in Berlin, independently and collectively exhibited in Moscow, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Melbourne, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, etc..).

Selected references: He has realized a significant number of buildings in the country and abroad: KSJ Administration Building, Sports business complex Gemax, business buildings Anex, Roaming, Coning, Porsche SCG (all in Belgrade), Hemofarm (in Bad Homburg), Bank buildings, City halls, Kindergartens in Neuhaus, Dresden, Ormont (all FR Germany), Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen showrooms; Residential buildings for Dexon, Gemax, Exing, City Properties. He is the author of the reconstruction of the buildings of the Belgrade Philharmonic, the French Cultural Center, the Graniti Fiandra showrooms, the Museum of the City of Belgrade, as well as the interiors of boutiques, restaurants, business premises, residential buildings, etc. He is the author of the monograph My Architecture (Birovia, Belgrade, 2012) and Architecture of Details (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, 2019).

Exhibitions and recognitions: Awarded (27 awards and recognitions) for realized works in the country and abroad by the Museum of Applied Arts, Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad, Association of Architects of Serbia, BPB trophy, BIG SEE Architecture Award, Association of Architects of Serbia. He is the winner of the Borba Award for Architecture, the April Award of the City of Belgrade for Architecture and Urban Planning, as well as the Grand Award of Architecture of the Association of Architects for Lifetime Achievement.


Matija Bulajić, M. Arch

Dragana Vojnović, M. Arch

Vasilije Vojvodić, b. arch

Ana Carolina Melo Radovanović, b. arch

Anastasja Spalević, M. Arch










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